The NBA managed to save this season. But the next one is still under threat

Everyone dreams that 2020 is over, and the NBA is no exception. The league aimed to bring the season to its logical conclusion as soon as possible. They created the perfect bubble and identified the champion in an exciting playoff. You can revisit the live game stream with the Lakers team.

Everything is excellent. The Lakers are celebrating another title in the collection, LeBron is getting ready to don the fourth championship ring. Team managers are on a wave of success, thinking about making the team even stronger and turning into a dynasty before LeBron retires. The Laker\’s rivals figure out how to beat them. Keep up to date with the latest news with NBA stream Lakers.

But only now we know that on New Year\’s Eve, the calendar will turn over, and instead of 2020, there will be 2021. But when the NBA can turn its calendar, we do not know.

What will be next? Will the NBA accommodate the draft, free-agent market, training camps, and the start of the season in a little over a month, which was not the case even in the lockout years?

NBA draft: what will change?

All team managers gathered at the Nets Arena following the NBA Finals in late June. Choose the best of drafted newbies based on the results of a physical examination and personal training. The NBA commissioner went on stage, announced his choice, a happy young man came up to shake his hand and then went on interviews with journalists. It is how the draft went before. How will the draft go now? Everything will change.

Let\’s start with the draft time. Of course, there is no question of any June; the draft is scheduled for November 18 2021. It will be the latest NBA draft in history.

The results will be announced at the ESPN office instead of the Nets or Knicks arena, where all the ceremonies were held. All commission agents, managers, players – will be present only in the videoconference format. You will watch the draft, Lakers games, and other events along with the NBA stream.

The assessment of players by teams will also become unusual. Each club can hold a maximum of 10 meetings with basketball players due to coronavirus restrictions. This means there will be a more random selection of players.

Everything will be strange, in general. Moreover, the order of the queue may be very different from the results of the lottery. Many teams will use the draft to trade-in for a more experienced player.

Changes in salary ceiling

As it was before? The league has compared its income and expenses for the past season with projected income. Then the company checked whether the payment was moving in the given direction. After this league made a forecast of revenue for the next season, which was approved by the NBA players’ union, with some adjustments, half of that income was divided by 30 (the number of teams in the league), thus resulting in a salary ceiling for the new season.

What will change? The NBA has always had good mechanisms that restore the financial balance if players earned more or less than their share of 50% of income. If the players collectively made less than they should, then a check is issued from the NBA, and the ceiling for the next season is increased. The league is losing money; the ceiling is simply being cut. It has not happened since 2009, and indeed in the whole history, there have been only twice: once they dropped by a million, another time by two million.

The salary cap mechanisms were not ready for the force majeure of a pandemic. The season came to a standstill and finished without spectators in the stands, which you could watch while watching the Lakers live game.

The ceiling forecast for the 2020/21 season was 117 million a year ago. The 2019/20 season was won back with a ceiling of 109 million. The real figure for the salary ceiling in the 2020/21 season will be 90 million.

The current bills will simply burst with such a ceiling. All clubs will incur losses, free agents of summer 2020 will receive tiny contracts, a mess, and madness that neither the owners nor the players need.

Therefore, the ceiling is artificially raised. Besides, the league wants to keep it at the previous 109 million for this and the next couple of seasons to compensate for the losses of 2020 in the future. You can watch the NBA stream of Lakers and other favorite teams online. Next season promises to be unique in basketball history; try not to miss anything.

What\’s next for the NBA?

Many teams are also asking to freeze or raise the luxury tax. If the tax is lower than the current (133 million), half of the NBA teams will be in the tax zone. This will lead to the fact that some teams will not make the playoffs. They will start getting rid of the players just for the sake of the economy. Teams will have to give up useful, necessary players but simply do not fit into the financial situation.

 The league will have to put on a mask of financial well-being for one season and set ceilings and taxes as if the revenues are at the same level.

Viewers will feel more comfortable and not miss the matches of their favorite teams, such as the Lakers, thanks to the NBA stream. This system will allow you to be safe and not attend public events. But at the same time, you can watch games from anywhere in the world and on any device.

Start of a new NBA season

Previously, the off-season started on July 1st. The players took a break or played for the national team for almost three months, and the newcomers participated in the Summer League. Training camp and preseason games began at the end of September, so basketball resumed after the break.

What changed? The NBA Finals ended on October 11, and the league wants to open the new season before Christmas. The earlier the season starts, the more games will be played. The NBA does not want to delay the champion’s determination for the second year in a row longer than June-July. The goal of the league is to reach the usual calendar for the 2021/22 season. SPN wants to show the NBA Christmas games they always have a good rating. Moreover, live games Lakers will be an excellent platform for advertisers during the Christmas period. This will be especially important at a time when sports on cable television are in crisis.

The whole sport is now experiencing a crisis that it has never faced. But don\’t panic; you can keep watching the NBA stream with Lakers or other sports. The number of American spectators of baseball, golf, horse racing, and tennis dropped by at least a quarter. Even the most stable NFL sees a churn of 10-15% of viewers.

There are many reasons for the low ratings of the NBA:

  • People watch less TV in summer than in spring. August was 9% worse than April, according to the NY Times last year.
  • Viewers turn on the TV less often in the morning. The broadcasts were distributed at different times in the NBA to fit all matches in three arenas.
  • TV is watched less in the era of smartphones. TV viewership fell by 9% over the year, and 10% in primetime thanks to watching Lakers live games.

But the number of views of highlights and other NBA content on social networks only increased by + 17%. Twenty billion views for the entire season, 7 billion since the restart, 1 billion during the final episode. These numbers have come true thanks to the NBA stream of Lakers games and the league in general.

The league wants to end next season as usual and proposes to start on December 22 and spend a season of 72 games.

But the players are against this scenario. First of all, those who played in the bubble. The break between the last game of last season and the opening of a new one in such a scenario will be just over two months. It will be difficult to recover and return to regular training camp in two months.

Is a lockout possible for NBA?

The league and players have already lost too much during the pandemic. Moreover, they will lose more. Anyone doesn’t want to lose the season. The players do not have additional opportunities to earn money because now there is no extra money either in Europe, or in China, or any other basketball environment.

Therefore, the league and the union are moving the deadlines for deciding for the fourth time. The goal is to develop a formula for the 2020/21 season that will look like a regular season, cut losses, and prepare to return to typical next summer.

Whether it will be normal depends no longer on basketball.


Can the NBA Avoid 3D TV’s Fate?

Can the NBA Avoid 3D TV’s Fate?

The excellent partnership between Next VR and Fox Sports has proven themselves perfectly. But despite the exciting and dynamic NBA game, the questions arise: Will 3D TV take the crown in the struggle for viewer\’s attention between network channels? A really intriguing game of favorite team can now be viewed only on a 3D TV? The new technology of Pay-TV is gaining more and more place in the hearts of NBA fans, becoming extra popular every year. Let\’s find out the reason for 3D TV popularity and determine where it will lead.

What does 3D TV mean for the NBA? 

We all know what 3D is in cinemas. Now we can create a similar atmosphere at home using conventional 3D television. Moreover, you can feel the whole game atmosphere of your favorites Yannis Adetokumbo or Kevin Durant. Moreover, just imagine how you watch a live stream of your favorite NBA team, which seems to be standing in front of you! It\’s no surprise that 3D television is gaining enormous popularity so quickly.

From effective Sky Television ads in 2010, including the relationship of Next VR and Fox Sports in 2016, to the coronavirus pandemic: all this greatly influenced the viewer\’s choice. Over the last ten years, 3D television has spread so widely that many users cannot even imagine their life without it. But what are the consequences?

Influence of 3D TV on the NBA

During the worldwide pandemic, 3D television came to the rescue of many sports teams. The fans have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the effect of real presence at the game, and the players do not lose the audience\’s attention. The rapid development of new technologies does not always entail negative aspects. Moreover, many great works were initially rejected. Your favorite NBA players will stay connected with their fans and won\’t get less attention, thanks to live streams. Of course, no one TV set can replace your real presence on the field, so you shouldn\’t even be afraid of a decrease in games\’ popularity.

Combining live streams, HD, and a big screen is the most successful NBA team game solution in 2020. Basketball has not stopped living, proving that we can adapt in critical situations. Besides, 3D TV has become a new hit, gaining more and more fans. This is a big step towards the future, which will help you plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite game.


This Celtics-Jazz trade would swap Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward

This Celtics-Jazz trade would swap Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward

Boston can part ways with Gordon Hayward in the 2020 offseason. Bleacher Report informs about it regarding the former head of one of the NBA teams.

The basketball player is expected to use the Player option. The league believes that the Celtics can trade the 30-year-old injury-prone SF for Utah Jazz star center Rudy Gobert. He\’s an elite defender, former 2-time DPOY. It is the missing piece of the puzzle for the Kelts.

However, many people think that Boston President Denny Ainge likes Hayward. Next year, they will most likely try to win the championship title with the same players. Who will take Hayward? He\’s not playing like a big shot. However, Boston desperately needs a good center who can grab rebounds and play tight defense. If this trade happens, Gordon returns home, and Rudy comes to Boston, it will be just magic.

In the 2019/20 season, Hayward averaged 17.5 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 4.1 assists in 52 games.

Gordon Hayward was one of the most talented players in the National Basketball Association. At one time, he shone and stood out for his skill. It even seemed that the scorer was able to carry the team alone, and Utah Jazz would be built around him.

In Utah Jazz, the basketball player was a star. The move to Boston was supposed to be a qualitative step forward. He wanted to play for his former coach Brad Stevens. Indeed, the team looks decent and tries to use all its strengths to the maximum. Boston seriously counted on Hayward as one of the key performers. They believed he could help Boston fight for the title.

But in the first official match, Hayward was seriously injured, after which he missed a whole season. It\’s frankly difficult to trade such an injury-prone player. You need to understand that this trade can be a dead weight almost for any NBA team. But the Celtics are trying their best to get rid of him. 

Therefore, Boston continues to search for a player for the only problematic position. The club doesn\’t want to keep Hayward, and he should find a less ambitious team to prove himself and put respect on his name. There is still a feeling that if a basketball player plays for a weak team, he will immediately become a leader with some solid minutes on the court. But there are too many star players in Boston, and their ultimate goal is just to get a decent center and elite rebounders, such as Rudy Gobert and Andre Drummond. A basketball player will not become a leader, either on or off the court.

How can Boston get out of this situation?

According to the Boston Celtics Reddit, they are actively looking for ways out of this situation. There are a lot of speculations on Reddit Jazz. Utah might be interested in Hayward\’s exchange. Gordon might come back home and prove the doubters wrong. Utah was ready to fight for the title, but Rudy didn’t show up in the Playoffs, and the Nuggets beat the Jazz due to his lack of intensity and effort on the defensive side. 

French star Rudy Gobert could go in the opposite direction. The center position is still considered the most problematic for Boston. Danny Ainge and Boston need a player who can perform a large amount of dirty work and play defensively on both sides of the floor. And from this point of view, Gobert looks like an almost ideal candidate. Let’s see how this drama goes, but it will give Boston a high-caliber defender and shot blocker if this happens. And Utah can help Gordon to reignite his career.


Warriors have the best Giannis trade package. Shelburne believes

Warriors have the best Giannis trade package. Shelburne believes

In this season, Giannis Antetokounmpo\’s package will end, and no one knows if he will renew it. Giannis says that he doesn’t want to leave Milwaukee Bucks, but there is a possibility that he will do this because of several failures in the postseason. Moreover, Giannis unfollowed the Bucks and all of his teammates on Instagram. The Golden State Warriors are one of the main contenders to get the Antetokounmpo for themselves. Warriors live stream on Reddit is actively discussing the current situation. If Giannis Antetokounmpo does not renew his contract with Milwaukee Bucks before the offseason, he will become a free player in 2021. Until he makes a choice, talking about his future will not subside.

Ramona Shelburne from ESPN says the Golden State Warriors are ready to offer the best conditions for a two-time MVP from Milwaukee Bucks. But Shelburne has also noted that the Bucks wouldn\’t probably want to trade their superstar. Giannis Antetokounmpo has all the qualities to be a leader of the team for a long time. He is a young and hopeful forward who brought on an average of 29 points per game last season. It would be nice if Giannis led the attack for the Golden State Warriors. Warriors are a strong enough team, and the swap of players for Antetokounmpo will only make them stronger. Besides, the alliance of Curry and Antetokounmpo will be strong opposition for the opponent. We can only guess if the Golden State Warriors want to return to the NBA throne and need Giannis Antetokounmpo to do so. Follow the warriors NBA stream.


Why Alex Caruso deserves a spot on the Lakers\’ roster next season

Why Alex Caruso deserves a spot on the Lakers\’ roster next season

The recent game of the 25-year-old player made a splash. His overwhelming success made it clear that this guy has many reasons to stay long on the squad. Yes, Alex Caruso is far from solving the Lakers\’ issues. Nevertheless, re-signing the membership agreement will help the team to reach the next level.

It is essential to say that Alex Caruso has no hopes and does not claim to be the team\’s future starter because the front office will be completely rebuilt around the well-known LeBron James. And there are good reasons for that. Thirty-two points, five assists, ten rebounds, five three-pointers – the match with the Los Angeles Clippers. The game against the New Orleans pelicans gave him 23 points, four steals, six assists, and shot an excellent four of four from deep. We need to recognize, and he is super good. As for Caruso, he strengthened its position on the long-term deal when the Los Angeles Lakers won both of those games.

One of the few positive outcomes of the most challenging season for the Gold and Purple was Alex Caruso, with his 19 points per game for South Bay Lakers.

Those 147 minutes have been critical for the Lakers. During that game, Alex was on the floor with James, and this had given striking effect when the team was way ahead of their rivals by 8.6 points per 100 possessions. Six ratings, six best ratings of all existing two-person lines for Los Angeles Lakers, appeared for at least 100 minutes.

It is crucial to notice that when there was James on the court, Alex Caruso was 5 of 12 (it is almost 42 percent).

Confidence, comfort, and determination are how we can describe Caruso\’s behavior in that game. He has shown perfect games, especially with above-the-arc threes. Outstanding results on the non-corner outside looks were 20 of 33 (almost 61 percent). That ranks are the best in the league among all existing players who have tried at least five times.

Caruso\’s unguarded catch-and-shoot attempts gaining an average of 1.58 points per possession. By the way, it is 98th percentile. Only three have been more successful across all existing players in the western conference, with no less than 15 possibilities on this play type. That means that none of the other players on the Los Angeles Lakers make the 75ht percentile or better.

The average percent of Alex Caruso (52.6) can be compared to other high-volume players on these looks. Let\’s see them. Such sharpshooters as Stephen Curry with 52.3 percent, Buddy Hield with his 52.8, are great compared to Alex in this season.

Success has always been on the side of James\’s team. Every time the team played under his leadership, everything was under control, and the squad did well. James\’ advantage over other contenders is how he drives to the basket. Generally, he draws a second defender and leaves an open player on the perimeter. But there was one Laker\’s fault when they ranked last overall in the NBA live stream due to unguarded shots from the catch. It is, on average, 1.04 points per game. It is crucial to keep in mind that they scored 11.2 points on these possibilities, which lagged every squad in the West except the Phoenix Suns.

The most likely fatal flaw and the Lakers\’ main weakness is that no one could consistently step up when the four-time MVP found them for such open three-pointers as much as Caruso.

Caruso has a two-way contract that can be turned into a multi-year NBA deal easily. His ceiling is 1.6 million for the Lakers as a restricted free agent. Watch the laker game online to keep abreast of developments!


TOP-3 most valuable assets 2020/21: Denver Nuggets

TOP-3 most valuable assets 2020/21: Denver Nuggets

Want to know the most unexpected and defining moment in thе 2020 NBА plауоffs? A young team made its way to the Western Conference\’s final, which shocked both the fans and other season squads.

As soon as the team left, rumors spread about players willing to trade for high-value assets in-between seasons.

Let\’s check the three most valuable players who will play successfully this season.

We also paid attention to the combination of the asset\’s trading value and the probability of a sale.

TOP – 3

  1. Мichаеl Porter, Jr.

Although the 22-yеar-old was not part of thе Denver Nuggets live free, he managed to attract a lot of attention from famous teams in his direction. A young player made an incredible shot during the game, news of which spread throughout the network.

Michael fit well into the NBA playoffs in 2020 and played well in the tоurnament\’s most crucial moments. And what\’s most intriguing, the season teams are very interested in this candidate and his services.

Based on NBA news, Porter has become a valuable player, for whom the league teams are willing to give up valuable assets with extraordinary value. And what can you sacrifice to hunt an athlete at the level?

  1. Gary Harris

A very strong player is at the peak of his career, and of course, his importance is very high. The player has an incredible impact on the game, which is why tеаms see it as the right decision to trade Harris for expensive assets.

Thе tеаm needs additional protection and therefore is ready to exchange Gary before the new season. And this interesting move justifies Harris\’s sharpness. The player is an excellent defender, and teams are known to be interested in this candidate.

And yet, the seemingly 7-foot forward became the irresistible and most accurate player in the game. Incredible technique, shooting accuracy, speed, and precise time in defense. What else do you need to become the most \”expensive\” athlete?

  • Bol Bol

The player is the Denver Nuggets\’ live stream free most valuable offseason trading asset. So the Denver Nuggets will have to present a big star award.

These athletes are real fighters for quality sports. It\’s great to be in the top three most sought after and expensive assets of the Denver Nuggets. We\’re looking forward to surprises from this offseason and discoveries in the next game!

These athletes are real fighters for quality sports. How cool it is to be in the top three most sought after and expensive Denver Nuggets assets. We look forward to surprises from this offseason and discoveries in the next game!

Live New Orleans Pelicans Sacramento Kings

New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento Kings Live Stream

New Orleans Pelicans will visit Sacramento Kings in the NBA Week 21 Wednesday night game at Golden 1 Center on March 11. In an earlier meet-up, the Pelicans won over the Kings after a 117- 115 game.

Both teams are from the Western Conference & each record 28 wins & 36 losses; the Pelicans are 10th seed while the Kings are 11th seed.

When And Where To Watch New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento Kings Free Stream?

Match Date March 11, Wednesday
What Time Is Kick-off? 10:30 PM (ET)
Where Is It Being Played? Golden 1 Center
TV Stream/Live Stream ESPN, NBC Sports California, Fox Sports New Orleans, Sportsnet One
Referee? TBA


Where To Watch New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento Kings Live Score?

New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento Kings live score will be available here.

Possible Lineups

New Orleans Pelicans Lonzo Ball (PG), Jrue Holiday (SG), Brandon Ingram (SF), Zion Williamson (PF), Derrick Favors (C)
Sacramento Kings De\’Aaron Fox (PG), Bogdan Bogdanovic (SG), Harrison Barnes (SF), Nemanja Bjelica (PF), Richaun Holmes (C)


Injury Report

The Pelicans will have JJ Redick (SG) and Nickeil Alexander-Walker (SG out until March 16 & March 21 respectively. Darius Miller (SF) is out for the season.

The Kings report Justin James (SG) and Marvin Bagley III (PF) out until Mach 19 & March 26 respectively.


New Orleans Pelicans will win.

Dallas Mavericks Denver Nuggets Live

Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks Live Stream

Denver Nuggets will visit Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center for the NBA Week 21 game on March 11, Wednesday night. With 2 clashes against each other this season, each of the team records a victory in their account.

With 42 wins & 21 losses, the Nuggets are 3rd seed in the Western Conference while the Mavericks of the same conference stand as 7th seed with 39 wins & 27 losses.

When And Where To Watch Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks Free Stream?

Match Date March 11, Wednesday
What Time Is Kick-off? 8:00 PM (ET)
Where Is It Being Played? American Airlines Center
TV Stream/Live Stream ESPN, Fox Sports Southwest- Dallas, Altitude 2, Sportsnet One
Referee? TBA


Where To Watch Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks Live Score?

Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks live score will be available here.

Possible Lineups

Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray (PG), Gary Harris (SG), Will Barton (SF), Paul Millsap (PF), Nikola Jokic (C)
Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic (PG), Courtney Lee (SG), Tim Hardaway Jr. (SF), Dorian Finney-Smith (PF), Kristaps Porzingis (C)


Injury Report

The Nuggets report Bol Bol (C) out until March 13 while Keita Bates-Diop (SF) remains on the game-time decision.

On the other side, the Mavericks\’ Dwight Powell (C) is out for the season & report game-time decisions for Willie Cauley-Stein (C), Seth Curry (SG), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SF) and Jalen Brunson (PG).


Denver Nuggets will be victorious.

Live Oklahoma City Thunder Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder Live Stream

Utah Jazz will visit Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena for the NBA Week 21 game this Wednesday night. The teams already faced each other 2 times this season & each of them shares a victory.

With 41 wins & 23 losses, the Jazz is 4th seed in the Western Conference while the City Thunder is 5th seed in the same conference with 40 wins & 24 losses.

When And Where To Watch Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder Free Stream?

Match Date March 11, Wednesday
What Time Is Kick-off? 8:00 PM (ET)
Where Is It Being Played? Chesapeake Energy Arena
TV Stream/Live Stream Fox Sports Oklahoma, AT&T SportsNet- Rocky Mountain, TSN.CA & TSN APP
Referee? TBA


Where To Watch Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder Live Score?

Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder live score will be available here.

Possible Lineups

Utah Jazz Mike Conley (PG), Donovan Mitchell  (SG), Royce O\’Neale (SF), Bojan Bogdanovic (PF), Rudy Gobert (C)
Oklahoma City Thunder Chris Paul (PG), Luguentz Dort (SG), Terrance Ferguson (SF), Danilo Gallinari (PF), Steven Adams (C)


Injury Report

The Jazz report Nigel Williams-Goss (PG) out until March 13.

The City Thunder will have Darius Bazley (SF) and Andre Roberson (SG) out until March 13 & March 15 respectively. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (SG) remains on the game-time decision.


Oklahoma City Thunder will win.

Charlotte Hornets Live Miami Heat

Charlotte Hornets vs Miami Heat Live Stream

Charlotte Hornets will play visitors to Miami Heat in the NBA Week 21 game on Wednesday night, March 11. In an earlier meet-up, the Heat won over the Hornets after scoring 117- 100.

Both teams are from the Eastern Conference, the Hornets are 10th seed with 22 wins & 42 losses while the Heat are 4th seed with 41 wins & 23 losses.

When And Where To Watch Charlotte Hornets vs Miami Heat Free Stream?

Match Date March 11, Wednesday
What Time Is Kick-off? 7:30 PM (ET)
Where Is It Being Played? AmericanAirlines Arena
TV Stream/Live Stream Fox Sports Sun, Fox Sports Southeast- Southeast- Charlotte, TSN 5
Referee? TBA


Where To Watch Charlotte Hornets vs Miami Heat Live Score?

Charlotte Hornets vs Miami Heat live score will be available here.

Possible Lineups

Charlotte Hornets Devonte\’ Graham (PG), Terry Rozier (SG), Miles Bridges (SF), P.J. Washington (PF), Cody Zeller (C)
Miami Heat Goran Dragic (PG), Duncan Robinson (SG), Andre Iguodala (SF), Derrick Jones Jr. (PF), Bam Adebayo (C)


Injury Report

The Hornets will have Kobi Simmons (PG) out until March 14.

On the other, the Heat report Meyers Leonard (C) and Kyle Alexander (F) out until March 13 & March 16 respectively. Jae Crowder (SF), Jimmy Butler (SF), Udonis Haslem (PF) and Kendrick Nunn (SG) are on the game-time decision.


Miami Heat will be victorious.